Overdose of violence

Last night I had an overdose of violence “in movies”. I am bored of movies using violence to build their storylines. Should it be the other way around? Create a catchy storyline and then use blood, if need be, to support your story. Please be creative! Please! I love watching original movies but last night, I ended up pressing pause, deleting the movie and then, going to bed. Enough was enough. :)


The easiest way to describe my work process is to cite the buddhist teaching of “aimlessness”. Aimlessness means not to set a target as our goal for happiness. Not to run after a pre-determined end result, as the achievement for success. It is somehow opposite of most modern “speeches”, we hear these days.

Personally, I live and work as free of concepts, as possible. I dare to enjoy the moment. I let the creative flow and energy open up to new exciting possibilities. This way, I am not chasing something not reachable. I am not limiting myself to what I already know. The result comes naturally, freeing myself and bringing a tangible sense of joy.


I like the definition from wikipedia: Equanimity is a state of mental or emotional stability or composure arising from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment.

The End of the Land


The End of the Land. Parc Forillon, Gaspésie, Québec (Canada).
Two friends on a five days trip to the end of the land. 800 km from home. A trip to see and explore the canadian east cost, and its wonderful wildlife. Seals, landscapes, kayaking,…
Produced by François Marotte and Dave Savard
Music: Dave Savard
Mixing and editing: Jeff Peaks

. . .

Le Bout Du Monde. Parc Forillon, Gaspésie, Québec (Canada).
Deux amis font un voyage au bout du monde, à 800 km de la chez eux. Un voyage qui se veut une exploration de la côte Est canadienne et de sa magnifique faune. Phoques, paysages et kayaks sont au rendez-vous.
Produit par François Marotte et Dave Savard
Musique: Dave Savard
Production sonore: Jeff Peaks