The Storm

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Last weekend, I went snowshoeing during a snow storm. I captured some audio clips of the snow falling. I took a few pictures of the surroundings, and I shot a short video sequence. My intent was to capture and share the beauty of the present moment, the strength of nature, and the peaceful vibe of the frozen landscape.


Overdose of violence

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Last night I had an overdose of violence “in movies”. I am bored of movies using violence to build their storylines. Should it be the other way around? Create a catchy storyline and then use blood, if need be, to support your story. Please be creative! Please! I love watching original movies but last night, I ended up pressing pause, deleting the movie and then, going to bed. Enough was enough. :)



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The easiest way to describe my work process is to cite the buddhist teaching of “aimlessness”. Aimlessness means not to set a target as our goal for happiness. Not to run after a pre-determined end result, as the achievement for success. It is somehow opposite of most modern “speeches”, we hear these days.

Personally, I live and work as free of concepts, as possible. I dare to enjoy the moment. I let the creative flow and energy open up to new exciting possibilities. This way, I am not chasing something not reachable. I am not limiting myself to what I already know. The result comes naturally, freeing myself and bringing a tangible sense of joy.



Deploy Your Senses 2013 (Various Artists)

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I’m glad to be part of this year’s edition of the compilation: Deploy Your Senses 2013.

#16: Dreams by Dave Savard



Venoclysis (EP)

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This album is an introspection, of a brief moment. Following the creating vibe. Letting the sounds chose the direction. I explored some deep and unexpected feelings. The whole process felt like a trip inside the body. Going deep under my own skin. Exploring and discovering forgotten areas. Playing with my own emotions. The image I had in mind, was myself, following the trajectory taken by an injected substance. Getting to dark corners. Bright open spaces. I felt, like I was, experimenting with my own inner self. Hope you enjoy.



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I like the definition from wikipedia: Equanimity is a state of mental or emotional stability or composure arising from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment.