Songwriter + Composer

I’m a songwriter and a composer. I currently record music as Dave Savard and Tecosha.

I recently completed a master certificate in production and songwriting, at Berklee Online. I previously studied fine arts and communication arts. As a musician, I played numerous shows all across North America. The tours eventually lead me to relocate from Quebec to Vancouver, BC, where I now reside with my family. 

As a songwriter, I am inspired by the classic writers of the seventies. As a producer, I am influenced by the sound palette of the modern artists and the infinite possibilities of technology. A common theme remains remains through out all of my work, peacefulness and positivity. As an artist, my goal is to contribute and make a difference by creating and sharing beauty.

Licensing + Scoring

All of my songs are ready to use in film & television, ads, and games. All songs can be customised to fit your need, or custom scoring is available upon request.

Licensing + Inquiries: (604) 780-9728 |