Dave's Portrait


I am songwriter/producer from Vancouver, BC (Canada). My francophone roots gave me a colourful accent and an acknowledged timidity. Sitting at my keyboard, under the low candle lights, with a glass of red wine, and a notebook, I write about the magical moments that makes life worth living with passion.


At the age of four I was given a guitar. I remember, as of yesterday, the feeling of standing in the kitchen, a foot on the table the other on the chair, holding the guitar real tight. I was entertaining the infinite crowd in front of me. A rockstar was born!

Drawing helped me survive high school. I could step away from the boredom, into my imaginary world. I drew album covers. I sketched comic books. I imagined myself working at Disney or Warner Brothers. My world was located somewhere between Iron Maiden’s artwork and Bugs Bunny’s fantasies.

In college I learned to turn my dreams into reality. I studied fine arts, graphic design, photography, traditional animation… At night and on weekends, I played bass in bands, toured and recorded indie albums. I was exploring every possible creative avenue. I was quite convinced that life would end at the age of 27, so I did as much as possible before then. Granted more time to live, I decided to do something gracefully important with this precious time, and founded a family.

Today, I’m enjoying a wonderful life. Living the moment is my only real focus. Everything else is an illusion. So, my intent is to focus on the present moment, take the simple details, emotions, precise feelings, and then, fully embrace them.

My goal is always to learn from my work, and ultimately, to make a difference by creating and sharing beauty.


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