Songwriter + Producer

Dave Savard is a songwriter + producer from Vancouver, BC (Canada). His fertile imagination has lead him to run a parallel career as a musician and a visual artist. This duality is expressed in all of his work. Consequently, his work dances on the edge of the popular and the artistic worlds. He is inspired by the storytelling sensibility of Leonard Cohen and the artistic curiosity of Radiohead. His minimalistic production style enhance the emotional moods imagined by this french canadian artist living on the west coast.

Dave is continually refining his craft. He studied fine arts and communication arts and now, he is completing a Master Certificate in Production and Songwriting, as a part-time student, at Berklee Online. This is gradually allowing a transition into a new phase as a songwriter.

Artistic Vision

Dave focuses on writing easy to listen chill-out pop songs. His minimalistic instrumentation allows flexibility and room for the rawness emotions to lead the way. Left out are the abstract song forms of Dave’s previous experimental work.

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Bio | Music + Art

At the age of four Dave was given his first guitar. He remembers it, as of yesterday. He clearly describes the feeling of standing in the kitchen, a foot on the table the other on the chair, holding the guitar real tight. He was entertaining the infinite crowd in front of me. A new passion was born!

Drawing helped him survive high school. It allowed him to step away from the boredom, into his own imaginary world. This world was located somewhere between vinyl album artwork and Bugs Bunny’s fantasies.

In college he learned to turn his dreams into reality. He studied fine arts and communication arts. At night and on weekends, he played bass with various local punk rock, emo-core and post-rock bands. He was then, exploring every possible creative avenue. Music was becoming the central point of his life. After years of touring and somewhat intense living, he decided to slow down and do something gracefully important. He founded a family.

Dave is currently living and working in Vancouver, BC (Canada). He is a proud father of two with whom, he enjoys the West Coast lifestyle with. The busy modern life fuels his songs with ideas and keeps his passion well alive. As a songwriter he is inspired by the craftsmanship of the classic songwriters. As a producer, he is influenced by the sound palette of the modern artists and the infinite possibilities of technology. His songs are about the dualities of the daily life, relationships, magical weekend getaways, and personal dreams. As an artist Dave’s goal has always been to make a difference by creating and sharing beauty.

Dave is currently pursuing a Master Certificate in Production and Songwriting, as a part-time student, at Berklee Online. As a bass player, he recorded and toured with bands such as: Unsafe, June, Equilibrium, Land of Nubia. As an ambient music producer he released music under the name of Sound of Freedom and Tecosha.