Visual + Sound Artist

As a songwriter I enjoy telling stories filled with imagery. As a visual artist, I like stimulating our personal interpretation and collective imagination. My goal is to entertain the audience by creating and sharing beauty.

My artistic journey began when I received my first guitar as a birthday present, at the age of five. Then, to get through high school, I used drawing to keep my hyperactive mind busy. It allowed me to step away from boredom, and create my own imaginary world. A world located somewhere between vinyl album artwork and Bugs Bunny’s fantasies.

In college, I studied Fine Arts and Communication Arts. At night and on weekends, I played bass with various local punk rock, emocore and post-rock bands. Music was becoming the central point of my life. During this period, I recorded and toured with bands: Unsafe, June, Equilibrium, MyDay, Sound of Freedom, and Land of Nubia.

After many years of touring and somewhat intense living, I decided to slow down and do something gracefully important. I founded a family. Taking a break from the road and the bands, I refocused my music career on songwriting. To help me improve my work, I recently completed a Master Certificate in Production and Songwriting, at Berklee Online.

I currently live and work in Vancouver, BC (Canada). I regularly collaborate with other artists on both, art and music sides. Please check my social media feeds, for the most recent updates.