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A new song “Rim”.

Sometimes in life we know we are approaching a destination but we can easily wander, make a full circle and leave without stopping.

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Textures + Colours + Shapes | Vol II

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This EP is a continuity of Vol I (aka “Imaginary Movies”). An exploration of atmospheric scenes, all leading to personal interpretation.

5158 – Seul

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Ondes Carrées 2017 OND12

Produced by Dave Savard and Mathieu Lamontagne
Released January 31, 2017

Mastering by Jeff Peaks:
Artwork by Dave Savard:

5158 – Side To Side

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Side to side is a 4 tracks EP exploring several musical territories, textures and grooves. This is the first release of the duo but certainly not the last.

Created in 2013, 5158 is a collaborative project between Sound of Freedom and Arbee. 5158 km separates these two Canadian musicians. This great distance is not enough to stop spreading a common interest, across the land and the airwaves. Sharing a passion for electronic music, ambient vibes, and sound texturing, quickly evolved in this tangible project. Passion, imagination and music have no physical limits.

Dave Savard:

An Etched Traumas release ET88 October 2015
Released October 18, 2015

Written and Produced by Dave Savard & Mathieu Lamontagne
Mastered by Jeff Peaks
Artwork by Dave Savard

Tecosha – Imaginary Movies

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For the last 3 years, I have been experimenting with ambient music, releasing music under the name Sound of freedom. This new body of work blends itself perfectly with my photography project: Textures + Colours + Shapes (te+co+sha). Therefore, I decided to create a combined piece of work. I am presenting it as a full-length album, in which photography and music complement each other.

Produced by: Dave Savard
Mixed and mastered by: Jeff Peaks
Photography and design by: Dave Savard

Special thanks to: Elizabeth Adams, Robert Edmonds, Geneviève Bernier, and thanks to you!