Heed is a short and sweet word that summarizes this long introspective project well. As a title, “Introspection” sounded too serious. I didn’t want it to come across as a tormented project. This series began as most of my other projects have, by focusing on the present and letting creative energy lead the way.

In our busy lives, we often forget to make time for fun. The intensity of our modern lifestyles often leads us to do everything in a serious manner.

When I take pictures, I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want it to mean something. I don’t want to know what it will be. I do it because it helps me disconnect from my worries. I do it because I love seeing the beautiful images coming out of the process. I do it because I Iike seeing people’s imagination at work when they are exposed to my work. I do it because it brings me pleasure. There are enough worries in life already. I don’t need to add more pressure to my daily life. I don’t intend for viewers to torment themselves when viewing my work. I am presenting slices of my present moments, so the viewer can, hopefully, get lost as well, for a brief moment.

I enjoy walking around with my camera and capturing details of my surroundings–Things that we may not notice during our daily routines. I dive in and get lost in time. The deeper I get, the more discoveries I make. It’s somehow pretty similar to meditation. By slowing down, taking time to breathe and observe the beauty of the moment, I forget about everything and quietly enjoy the moment.

Looking at my pictures of “textures, colours and shapes” (ongoing series), I started seeing another layer of visual elements. I combined a few photos together, and then new images started to appear. I soon realized that these new creations had a vibe of their own. Their energy became something different from the original images. This fascinating process grabbed my attention, and I wanted to explore it further. Throughout the process, the new images slowly separated themselves from the original pictures. Then, I started focusing on the new layers of information being revealed. Combining different moments together resulted in a new peaceful creative process. I enjoyed watching the revelation of the new pieces taking shape.

The more I worked on it, the closer it resembled the feeling I get when painting abstract canvases: movement and feeling taking over from graphical logistics;an interpretation of the visual manifestation of the process itself. Digital photography also offers a way to express myself without worrying about physical limitations such as storage and production studio. At this point in time, it’s quite convenient and above all, enjoyable. I am now ready to start sharing this new series of digital images, originally created to be photographs and now morphed into abstract art pieces.

Hope you enjoy!