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Dave Savard is a Canadian music producer based in Vancouver, BC (Canada). He studied fine arts, communication arts and music at Berklee. His artistic sensibility is transposed to his music with precision. You can perceive it in the emotional tone of his work. His storytelling abilities, enriched by his work as an art director, are strongly imposed on production style. 

His music stimulates the imagination. Each song focuses on a defined stream of emotion, taking the listener on a personal journey. Dave’s work is inspired by producers such as Brian Eno and the sonic palettes of artists like AWVFTS, Amon Tobin and Nils Frahm.


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The musical journey began, in Quebec City, when Dave received his first guitar, as a birthday present, at the age of five. Then, to get through high school, he used drawing to keep his hyperactive mind busy. It allowed him to step away from boredom, and create his own imaginary world. A world located somewhere between vinyl album artwork and Bugs Bunny’s fantasies.

He studied Fine Arts in college where he discovered a wide range of new tools to express his creativity, and found a like minded community. 

Due to a lack of bass players on the local scene, Dave switched from guitar to bass. This instantly opened multiple opportunities and revealed an incredible passion for the low frequency instrument. He subsequently played with various local punk rock, emo-core and post-rock bands in Québec City, Montréal and later Vancouver.

After college Dave went to university and studied Communication Arts. At that time music had become the central point of his life. He recorded several indie albums and toured with his bands across Canada and the United States. Some of the bands were: Unsafe, June, Equilibrium, MyDay, Sound of Freedom, Land of Nubia and Tecosha.

Through his professional career Dave always had an appeal for entrepreneurship. His first co-founded venture in 1990, was an indie music publication called Melomane Magazine. This was a first logical step, mixing his passion for music and his new learned graphic design skills. As an off-shoot of the magazine, he co-founded an indie music label called Melomane Records. 3 years later Dave left the business and went on tour with his band June, and then followed by Equilibrium. The latter eventually relocated to Vancouver, BC. 

After many years of touring and somewhat intense living, He decided to slow down and do something gracefully important. He founded a family. Taking a break from the road and the bands, he reoriented his music career on songwriting. 

Throughout the following years, he co-founded two design studios: Studio 021 and Elements Branding (2004-present). Later, in 2019, Dave created a micro publishing company (West First Publishing), to release his new body of work, to maximise his revenues and facilitate song placements. 

Following a few years of solo writing, with the intent to craft better songs, he enrolled for the Master Certificate in Production and Songwriting, with Berklee College. Three years later, in December 2019, he successfully completed his certificate.

Dave strongly believes in being active in the community. He regularly co-writes with other artists and producers such as: Jordy Birch, Fynyx Nation, Päter, Arbee, Jaxony Reign, Lucy Leblanc, Chris Tapp, and others. He is also an active member of Songwriter Association of Canada, SongtownUSA, Music BC, and a returning jury for Factor.

In the recent months Dave has reconciled his work under his personal name. This decision was taken to simplify the workflow and reduce the time spent promoting each separate project. He currently wears multiple hats, as do most modern artists. He focused on writing music for sync. He works as a freelance graphic designer. He teaches Visual Content Creation at Nimbus School of Recording. He also keeps creating new pieces of art, while seeking new exhibit opportunities. He is currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. 

Happiness, peacefulness and positivity remain common throughout all of his work. As an artist, his goal is to contribute and make a difference by creating and sharing beauty.